Featuring our IFF Creatives

To celebrate the launch of the IkutaSchodde Family Foundation website, we're delighted to feature two IFF creatives who worked on the site. Thank you to Elena Capoccia and Christina DiMeo!

Artist's Creative Philosophy

Elena: My creative philosophy is something I can hardly describe. I think the best way an artist can be a real artist is do not try to copy or appear like someone else, but just trying to capture the essence of things and people as naturally as possible—trying to represent it in the best way one knows by making use of artistic abilities. Observing other artists is important and of course makes your artistic sensitivity grow, but to me, being an artist is find “your” way to transmit your sensations, express thoughts, ideas. Feelings give emotions and memories, through any means that represents in that instant, the maximum expression for you.Even if you will be criticized by someone, or many, what really counts is who you’ll be able to excite, through your hands if you’re a painter, words if you’re a writer, or sounds if you’re a musician, this is what makes a person an artist, different from anyone else.

For me, to draw and paint are the most creative ways I can imagine to express the interiority of a person, I could only do it through my passion. I cannot yet describe my art, because I feel I am just now finding my way and myself, and I am sure this is the hardest part, but the only thing I really want to be able to do with it, is to amaze, to involve, to drag, make people laugh, make them smile and cry, just thrill them to what thrilled me.

Christina: In front of my easel is where I find my peace and joy. I’ve always had a passion for creating and my drive to create comes from the inspiration I find all round me. Naturally, I feel inspired by the large and complex—politics, human relationships and grand master paintings. However, what frequently moves me to create is the small and every day like a morning espresso, bright red apple or a fall leaf.

For instance, the abundance of apples in the super market represents the shift from summer to fall and the emotions that can accompany that change. There is the excitement and delight of the changing of the seasons but perhaps also the longing for a just a few more days of summer. Beyond the grander scheme of another year passing, for me, the shiny, bright red apple is not only beautiful in itself but also reminds me of my grandmother’s apple pie or going apple picking in Minnesota orchards. These moments in life are what I find most moving and inspiring.

The every day objects I am attracted to paint or draw are ever present as we go through our lives, as are the memories or significance that goes with them. I believe art should be accessible to everyone. It would please me greatly to know someone found significance in a piece of my work because of his or her own memories or feelings towards the subject.

Artist's Biography

Elena Capoccia began her studies at the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome, Italy. After graduating, she moved to Florence, Italy where she currently studies at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Christina DiMeo completed her B.A. and B.S. at the University of Minnesota and went on to study painting and drawing at Atelier Lack. Currently, Christina is in Florence, Italy studying at the Angel Academy of Art.